Competitive Advantage

SEC places considerable importance in the quality of training to our clients. We are unique in the IT Training scene in that we only recruit qualified  trainers to conduct all facets of IT Training. We subscribe to the belief that qualified trainers have a greater ability to impart knowledge and skills rather than non-qualified trainers.

Also, trainers with tertiary qualifications bring with them a greater perspective in the transfer of knowledge. Our trainers have qualifications either in engineering or computer science. This difference in the level of trainers would invariably result in the occasional increase in fees but this difference stands us apart from others in our desire to bring the best lecturers to a client.

This is our philosophy of excellence in IT training. In the long run, we view this as our competitive advantage as we look for long term relationships by providing quality IT training.

 Experienced Teaching Staff

A second important distinction that set us apart from others is that our teaching staff are in fact consultants/trainers. While the primary focus is on training, our staff occasionally performs consulting work. This would include niche areas in software support, feasibility studies, technical writing and Computer Based Training (CBT) development work.

SEC believes that our trainers should be constantly aware of the practical aspects of the real world and being involved in consulting projects not only immersed them into practical situations but also serve as a motivating factor for them. This distinction is important as our trainers can easily perform a technical support role.

Updating Existing Courses / Announcing New Courses

We continuously update our existing courses or announcing new ones. As technology progresses, so do we. For example, we were one of the pioneers to offer a regular course on C++ - an object oriented language.


Widest Range of IT Programmes

SEC being a dedicated IT training organization, offers a broad range of IT courses targeted for the different levels of IT professionals to novice end-users .

Our courses include skills development programs in Open Source technology, IT Security, programming courses such as C++, and Java 2, self-paced interactive multimedia courses that leads to certification and many others.

 The range of courses are continuously updated and new courses and regularly added to cater to the skill needs of the market.

Development of Courseware

As courseware is one of our main source to achieving quality training, our trainers review and update existing courseware annually from feedback provided by participants on the course evaluation forms.

Evaluation of Our Training Courseware and Training Equipment

As a mean to constantly improve and maintain our quality training programs, a thorough evaluation process is conducted at the end of every training program on our course content, trainer(s) and the training equipment use.

Our clients play a significant part in our quality assurance process. We are glad to show that our overall evaluation by participants of our courses generally average 3.5 and 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 as indicated below :


(1) Poor (2) Fair (3) Good (4) Very Good (5) Excellent


Our lecturers will usually have a few excellent scorings for each course that we conduct.